What our REALTOR® clients say about us…

Joel Carcone, Sales Representative

We decided to change up our website platform and to work with BrokersHub and we haven’t looked back! The switch over from our previous site was seamless with no down time. The work was completed in a timely manner and Petru has been great at accommodating our requests to customize certain pages. We’re very happy with the new site and appreciate and love its look. So glad we took the plunge and made the change.

Sarah Peticca, Sales Representatives

Love my website from BrokersHub! They are great to work with! They are very responsive and get the work done quickly! I get compliments all the time about how great my website looks! It’s easy to find all of the important information and gives great online presence! I highly recommend Petru and his team!

Jules Carcone, Sales Representative

We scoured the internet high and low for a new real estate website developer/provider. Being technologically savvy ourselves, it’s imperative to us to work with a developer who offers the most up to date website platform.

Often we come across real estate sites that are too busy and take too long to find pertinent information. BrokersHub offered the perfect balance between information and ease of use. I love that all the most important information for our clients is provided on the landing page in a scroll format. Buyers don’t have to dig around to find your new Featured Listing! Should a client or potential buyer or seller never get past the first page – it doesn’t matter! That first page has everything about you; your work history, your listings, your office, your contact information. It’s all there. And for the benefit of providing more substance for those who are looking, there’s plenty of menu tabs that offer lots of relevant real estate related information targeted to your chosen work areas.

We worked Petru to develop and customize our site and he’s always been timely in his responses and accommodating our requests. Thanks so much BrokersHub.

Paul McDonald, Sales Representative

I was looking for a web site developer that used cutting edge design and functionality and often many websites post great looking examples but fail to deliver. BrokersHub has provided me everything I was looking for and some. Kudos goes out to Petru and the team! Many thanks.

A. J. Abbate, Sales Representative

The team at BrokersHub provide an absolute great product followed by awesome service. They have provided me with a wide variety of marketing tools for my business over the last few years. Keep up the good work!

Terry Butts, Sales Representative

Working with BrokersHub has been a true joy and he’s a  truly genuine person to boot! I’ve known  Petru for many years and we have been through many things together within our Business and personal life situation. He has never once let me down.

Not being  a technical person myself , Petru has been my right arm when it come to setting up my website and any other computer problems I have endured through the times we’ve worked together. He is also very prompted in returning my calls and email.

I would highly recommend BrokersHub to anyone and at anytime!

Frank Bott, Sales Representative

I very much appreciate the hard work that both you and Joanna put into my listings. I also very much appreciate your high level of professionalism. We are very fortunate to have access to the resources you provide.

Romi Brooks, Sales Representative

Best website ever had, great service, I highly recommend it!

Dolores Trentadue, Sales Representative

I have been using BrokersHub for a few years now and I can definitely say my internet presence had been exceptional, Petru and his staff are always one step ahead. I have had amazing feedback from everyone who visits the site. In real estate your online presence is a web snapshot of who you are, it’s the first initial place a seller or buyer will look once they are referred to you.

Elaine Kay, Sales Representative

The team at BrokersHub are amazing to work with. They are professional, on the leading edge of technology and respond to my inquiries promptly. Clients love the look and content of my website, especially the rolling counter of how many working days, properties inspected & happy clients I have procured. The website is mobile friendly which dates you if yours isn’t. My website is often the first impression for anyone looking to work with me and I am happy that BrokersHub encapsulates a professional, modern, tech savvy & knowledgeable online presence for me.

Robert Ede, Sales Representative

First, you and your crew understand the headaches and hurdles that a Realtor encounters when they want a better web presence. Everybody has ‘something’ now …. but we know it’s not great looking, it requires too much hands-on to be up-to-date and …on top of that it’s not generating much business.

I called and two days later you met me in person, we looked at your analysis of my existing site and within a week had replaced it with a modern. more hands-free set of pages using my existing URL.

I called for changes and the tweeks were done within hours.

I’m quite content – and that’s not easily done!

Thanks again Petru & team!

Steve and Helen Hunt, Sales Representatives

My wife and I are both realtors and have used BrokersHub for some time now. Have found their service to be top notch and they are very responsive to any questions or queries. If we have things to be corrected they are done immediately. They always have suggestions as to how to improve our image to the public which has helped in the social media side of our business.

You can count on these folks to stay abreast of any new ideas or concepts in the industry. Very easy to work with.

Recommend them to anyone interested in seeing their business grow. –Steve & Helen

Terrence Sills, Sales Representative

I would not hesitate to recommend BrokersHub to my colleagues and friends. I like the subscription model. The pricing is fair, and Petru and his team are very responsive and supportive when I need to add something extra to the already enriched website they provide.

Berthe Ramani, Broker

It was a pleasure working with you this past year I have been with Mcs for 15 yrs & I felt it is time to update my website, We met for half hour & it quick & easy process & the same amount of money as I was paying before with more up to date website, Thank you very much & I wish you the best of luck.

Nicky Yiannakis, Sales Representatives

As a technology lover and geek, as well as website developer myself I highly recommend Petru and his team for your real estate website. From the time I called Petru, it took less than a week to have my dream website up and running and customized to include my colours, fonts and headshots. It is such a help having his team do all updates, leaving me more time to focus on the business. You can trust them to create an amazing website for you in a very quick and exceptionally responsive time!